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A Bike Build is a community event where a group, organization or an individual builds bikes together to gift to a charity or child in need. Bike Builds are a wonderful way to give back and get kids on bikes!

Want more Information about a charity Bike Build for your team?


    Some additional information on our Bike Builds:


  • You tell us how many team members 

  • Bay Area Bike Project (BABP) will identify and deliver or arrange the children to pick up the built bikes .  We will also have a professional bike mechanic at the event to do a final check/inspection to ensure all bikes meet our safety standards before gifting.


  • BABP offers only high-quality bikes and helmets for these amazing kids – light weight high-quality bikes are easier for kids to ride, have longer lasting components, are more fun and can be passed down to a sibling or friend instead of a landfill.

  • Bike builds typically take 2-4 hours but can be customized to meet your needs.

We help you and your company put on a charity bike building event and build a sense of team and community goodwill.

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Your support helps children, families and communities experience the Power of a Bicycle. 


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