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UPDATE 2/09/2022-Review of RFQ's is complete, the top three proposals will be interviewed later this week.  

UPDATE 1/24/2022- Things got pushed back due to COVID we are anxiously awaiting review of the RFQ.  Stay Tuned.

UPDATE 1/5/2022-Request for Proposal (RFQ) due date is 1/10 at this time the proposals will be reviewed by the districts review committee.

UPDATE 10/23/2021-After a meeting with the district on 10/13 regarding the MOU both teams have agreed additional changes need to happen to get this just right.  A revised version of the MOU was submitted today and we look forward to hearing back from the district on next steps.  

UPDATE 9/10/2021- After additional conversations and counsel guidance from both sides we've made revisions to the draft MOU.  The revised draft was sent to the district today and we look forward to meeting with the district to see what's needed from their perspective to finalize the MOU.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE 6/8/2021- BABP has received a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) from the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District.  This is the first draft and we expect many more conversations around this document to get it just right before going to the board for approval.


Since February 2018 , The Bay Area Bike Project has been working with Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District to bring a Bike Park to Pleasant Hill.  We are currently seeking approval to design, build and maintain a multi-faceted bike park in the idyllic Rodgers-Smith Park in Pleasant Hill, CA, which will have a paved pump track and dirt skills course. The park is already well-stocked with bathrooms, water fountains, basketball courts, bocce ball courts, a playground, and a baseball field. Best of all, it is located half a mile from the Canal Trail, a paved trail that connects to a web of multi-use trails throughout Contra Costa County which would allow bike enthusiasts from communities as widespread as Walnut Creek, Danville, Martinez, and Concord to come and enjoy the park, all without needing to get in a car.

This is a critical time to get involved in the Bay Area Bike Project. We’ve gotten the green light from the community, and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We are looking for visionaries and sponsors to help us build this park and enrich our communities. Kids of all ages can’t wait to get out and enjoy this new park--even the adult kids. 


We also need citizen activism to kick into a higher gear. We have so much support from residents and businesses, but we still need official approval from city leaders in order to get a new bike facility up and running in the East Bay. With the 2020 elections behind us it’s time to get hyper-local and contact the community leaders who have the authority to approve this project. We’d love to see you at future meetings to voice your approval of having a state-of-the-art pump track in Pleasant Hill, and please, spread the word through social media and in-person conversations.


Pleasant Hill is lacking bicycle infrastructure, so this project is a huge opportunity to bring a new bike facility to our community. We're excited to build a new pump track that will bring safe, nearby outdoor recreation to users of all skill levels and ages. 

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Your support helps children, families and communities experience the Power of a Bicycle. 


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