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Bay Area Bike Project is Passionate About Building a Women's Mountain Biking Community.

It is our mission to support and encourage more women through mountain biking. We love to host rides and events that provide an environment where women feel comfortable trying new things, improving skills, networking with other women, and above all else having fun! 


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Please join us for BABP’s women’s only mountain bike group/club/sister gang/community! Our rides are social rides for ALL people who identify as women-new or curious about mountain biking to seasoned bikers. Our intention is to facilitate an inclusive, fun and supportive community of women who want to ride and have fun.

Our beginner/intermediate rides are no drop rides, meaning nobody gets left behind. Our advanced Intermediate are drop but don't worry it sounds harsher than it is.


Come ride with us in a completely safe and inclusive atmosphere with other like-minded women. With the goal of facilitating community, we will usually have a meet up post ride for food/hang out/get to know each other. 

Come prepared with proper gear including a bike in working order, helmet, supportive close toed shoes and water. Don’t forget your sunscreen and weather appropriate clothing. 


Need Gear? Let us know we always have extra bike stuff for you to use.

Roll time is roll time, please arrive 15 minutes before the posted time.

Save time at the ride: Sign the waiver below.

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